Gymnocalycium Friedrichii LB 2178. Large Spine! rooted & established, (Deaw Cactus ) Xlarge Flowering Size! Beautiful purple cactus #t41

Gymnocalycium Friedrichii LB 2178. Large Spine! rooted & established, (Deaw Cactus ) Xlarge Flowering Size! Beautiful purple cactus #t41

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  Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v. friedrichii

  • Pot Size: 2.5"
  • Very established/ rooted specimen we have been growing out for a few years. 
  • You will receive exact plant pictured shipped in pot!


  • This is a relatively easy-to-grow species.
  • It needs a mineral, well-drained soil with little organic matter.
  • Re-pot every 2 years, using containers with good drainage.
  • During spring and summer use a low nitrogen content fertilizer to make it grow faster; potassium is helpful for the plant health.
  • Water sparingly from October till March, letting the soil getting dry before watering again
  • The epidermis of “Superkabuto” is stiffer than in the normal Asterias and Myriostigma and cracks easily if the plant get overwatered.
  • To avoid root rot, keep it dry from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter.


The name Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v. friedrichii was introduced by Werdermann in 1936. Pazout suggested the name G. friedrichii nom. inval. in 1964 but it has not been officially approved. In 1979 Ritter made a description of Gymnocalycium stenopleurum that sometimes can be found under the incorrect name G. mihanovichii v. stenopleurum n. n. (don't confuse it with v. stenogonum). Thus we have 3 taxa: "mihanovichii", "friedrichii" and "stenopleurum". Not taking into account their taxonomic definition they are basic points of the complex with many transitional forms between. These three taxa spread from south to north (North-Western Paraguay): The typical "mihanovichii" inhabits the very south of the area – south and south-east of province Boqueron; "stenopleurum" inhabits a limited area on the very north – in Cerro Leon region and has characteristic recognizable habitus; for "friedrichii" all the area between two mentioned points is indicated.

Gymnocalycium friedrichii (Werderm.) Pazout: Distingushed from Gymnocalycium miahanovichii for the prevalently purplish pink, wide open flowers and well-pronounced polymorphism of spines. Besides it has tall slender ribs and roller-shaped prominent thickening around areoles.


Description: Gymnocalycium friedrichii is a an invalid name used to indicate the pink flowered form of Gymnocalycium stenopleurum. It is a small solitary cactus with banded body that has perianth-segments pinkish-red with white margins (but also pale pink or almost pure white). This species is sometimes combined with Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, and sometimes kept as a separate species.

Stem: Flattened globose to elongated globose, grey green, olive green, greenish-purple, reddish brown to a dark grape colour 10-12 cm tall (or more), 6-12 cm in diameter.

Ribs: 8-14, very prominent, and sharp banded whit strong dark brown markings especially when young, and these sometimes have crossbands of lighter colors.

Radial spines: 3-6, acicular, to awl shaped, light to dark brown, somewhat twisted, 0,7-4 cm long.

Central spines: Usually absent.

Flowers: Pale-pink to purplish-pink, 6-7 cm long.

Remaks: Gymnocalycium friedrichii and Gymnocalycium stenopleurum are sometimes combined with Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, and sometimes kept as separate species. Gymnocalycium friedrichii and Gymnocalycium stenopleurum are quite distinct from Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, but many intermediate forms are also known and nowadays it is suggested that all should be combined into only one variable species.



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