Monstera Obliqua Peru, A very unique and easy to grow collector tropical plant, US seller- E27

Monstera Obliqua Peru, A very unique and easy to grow collector tropical plant, US seller- E27

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This listing is for the plant shown in the photos.  Monstera Obliqua peruvian form , "peru"

This is a rare, climbing plant with a lot of large holes in its leaves. The peruvian form  is one of the rarest and most sought after varieties of monstera.
At one point this was one of the rarest plants in the world.
The Monstera obliqua Peruvian form is one of five described types of Monstera obliqua.
It has vibrant, green leaves with dramatic holes and leaves that feel leathery to the touch. The leaves can grow to couple feet long when fully developed. It really loves to climb, we suggest a moss pole or something similar to enhance its epiphytic growth. 


Plant pictured and shipped in 4" pot from our nursery in New Orleans Louisiana. 


Here are some care tips for a mature Monstera obliqua Peru:

  • Soil: Rich, organic, well-drained soil
  • Water: Distilled water, up to three times a week
  • Lighting: Bright, filtered light
  • Temperature: 59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Humidity: 80 to 90 percent
  • Fertilizer: Diluted liquid feed applied weekly during the growing season
  • Mist: Mist the leaves regularly to keep the foliage looking great
  • Direct sunlight: Keep your plant out of direct sunlight
  • Humidity: Keep the humidity around 80 percent
  • Light: Go easy on the light, especially for Monstera obliqua Peru. Too intense of a light can burn or depleate the vibrancy of its foliage. 

The Monstera Obliqua needs a more humid space than most houseplants. Humidity helps to keep the leaves looking glossy and vibrant, but also helps the plant regulate its moisture as it will absorb a lot of it through the leaves and aerial roots.

History of the Monstera obliqua Peru

The Monstera obliqua, commonly known as the Swiss cheese vine, is a species of flowering plant in the Araceae family. There are different regional forms or variations of Monstera obliqua, including the Peruvian form and the Los Tayos form, which is often associated with Ecuador.

Here are some general differences between the Peruvian form and the Los Tayos form that we offer:

Leaf Size and Shape: The Peruvian form of Monstera obliqua typically has smaller leaves compared to the Los Tayos form. The leaves of the Peruvian form are often more elongated and lanceolate, while the Los Tayos form has broader, heart-shaped leaves.

Leaf Perforations: The leaf perforations, which give Monstera obliqua its distinctive "Swiss cheese" appearance, can vary between the two forms. The Peruvian form tends to have larger and more pronounced perforations, while the Los Tayos form may exhibit smaller or fewer perforations.

Growth Habit: The growth habit of these forms can also differ. The Peruvian form of Monstera obliqua is known to be a relatively fast-growing vine that trails or climbs. In contrast, the Los Tayos form is often described as having a more compact and bushier growth habit.

Origin and Habitat: The names of these forms are associated with their presumed origins. The Peruvian form is believed to be native to Peru, while the Los Tayos form is associated with the Los Tayos caves in Ecuador. However, it's worth noting that there is ongoing debate and confusion regarding the exact origins and taxonomy of Monstera obliqua variants.

It's important to mention that Monstera obliqua can sometimes be a challenging species to cultivate and acquire due to its rarity and delicate nature. Additionally, there is ongoing debate and confusion surrounding the identification and classification of Monstera obliqua forms, as they can be easily mistaken for other similar-looking Monstera species.

For accurate and detailed information about specific Monstera obliqua forms or variations, it is best to consult with experts in the field, such as botanists or experienced plant collectors.


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