Ree Garden Anthurium Papillilaminum x Ree Garden / John Banta NOID #L96 - Nice Plants Good Pots
Ree Garden Anthurium Papillilaminum x Ree Garden / John Banta NOID #L96 - Nice Plants Good Pots
Ree Garden Anthurium Papillilaminum x Ree Garden / John Banta NOID #L96 - Nice Plants Good Pots
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This is an exciting new Hybrid that we made earlier this year with two very special plants. 

This is a larger size anthurium  than we normally offer and is some of the very best we have available 

We obtained both plants from Marie Knock and her infamous nursery Ree Gardens in South Florida.  

The Ree Garden Papillilaminum is a long and dark form of Papillilaminum with a fairly wide sinus.

Our plant is an exact clone from her original mother plant. 

The Ree Garden Hoffmanniii is quite the mystery.

This is not a true Hoffmannii species, but a plant Marie obtained from John Banta who was an famous plant collector, breeder and scientist.

Unfortunately John Banta in no longer with us so we can not obtain any more information about this plant.  The Hoffmannii has a beautiful golden emergent leaf and an extremely vibrant and iridescent dark green leaf once it hardens. 

This hybrid will not be available anywhere else as both plants are hard to find commercially and only available if you had a chance to visit  Ree Gardens or know someone who has 😊


You will receive exact plant pictured pictured and shipped in 4" pot from New Orleans Louisiana 

Anthurium Growing Tips and Care

  • Anthuriums thrive in bright filtered light, but we recommend avoiding direct sunlight.
  • They appreciate nice humidity levels, but aren't too picky about humidity.
  • These plants would do best in a semi-coarse potting mix and we recommend letting the (roughly top 2") of soil media  dry on the top of the soil before watering.
  • We recommend potting in a well-draining, coarse, and slightly acidic potting soil with rich in organic matter and  suggest repotting this fast-growing anthurium every two to three years.
  • We advise cutting off yellowing or browning leaves as they appear to keep the plant looking tidy and to discourage pests. 



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