Hello we are Joe and Jacob and this the official web-store for Nice Plants Good Pots  & GREEN HOUSE ARABI 

We are the plug for your tropical houseplant fantasy.
We source all of your wishlist plants and help give you the confidence to grow plants in the home.

We've been doing this since 2018 . We are a Licensed, Certified and Registered Louisiana nursery operating in New Orleans, Louisiana. We specialize in tropicals ( monstera, philodendron, anthurium , syngonium ) & cactus (astrophytum, gymnocalycium, ariocarpus) growing and hybridizing exotic , weird, "rare" , and unusual ornamental plants.

New plants are added daily, and we frequently run sales so make sure to come back and visit us.

if you are ever in the New Orleans area, please come see us at our retail space:
GREEN HOUSE ARABI , located inside of an old Waffle House @ 6720 St. Claude Ave. Arabi, LA 70032 open Friday & Saturdays 10am-4pm.

Please feel free to check out out Instagram

Growers choice

We have been making rare, unusual and hard to find plants available in the New Orleans area since 2018.

We grow and propagate everything ourselves.

We are excited to make these collector plants available locally and online at some of the best prices around !

Growers Choice

Now open!

We have finally opened our retail shop Green House inside of an old Waffle House

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We love making hybrids

We produce all of our Anthurium Hybrids in-house and love to experiment. Come see what weve been up to.