We wouldn't be here without the thousands of our happy customers that have helped us grow over the years.
Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

We are a small nursery, we love our plants and try to represent them as accurately as possible.
The plants we provide are living organisms, they are not perfect.
They can have scars , imperfections and can potentially loose a leaf from when the photo is taken.

We work very hard to grow happy plants. Nature happens in cultivation and we do our best to work with it and grow healthy plants.

Additionally, your plant may experience minor damage on their journey to you. Shipping can be stressful on a plant As long as the plant is healthy and rooted, it will grow with the seasons and give you many new leaves.
We wish you and your new plant friends happiness and new growth.

We are here for you on your plant journey, and happy to share our growing expertise.

Thank you for choosing our small nursery!